Want to order your bag? let me know, They are 3.50 and this way you can do your part in the environment!
The pre-order price is a zero profit sale and will only last until April 15th 2009! Do the environment and your local business a favor!
Get one today! Wanna see it? It's all black, sleek, purse like and exact same as the Publix bags and Wal-Mart eco bags!  LOOK BELOW:)


mail me:)

My Photos | Purchase a bag from me at cost until April 15th 2009 for 3.50 email me- | Mark Dickinson Photography

Being one of the only photographers in Central Florida that supports the environmentally outwardly, I like to offer a little bit of my help as that. I sell these at cost. I know Publix has them for .99, however they buy them in ginourmous googolplex numbers so I cant keep up with them! However, If you do want one, please let me know Clients can always get one free at no charge! SO BECOME A CLIENT GET YOUR BAG!:)